The Moon is part of what controls the tides of the ocean. Other factors that are key elements are winds and rainfall. One would think that the moon phase only effects the ocean, but this is not true. The moon phase will also effect bodies of freshwater.

tideani The tides of the ocean are mostly controlled by the moon's magnetic field. The rotation of the moon in orbit around our planet effects the oceans tides. When the sun is in line with the moon, the sun's magnetic field strengthens the effect, and we get an extra high, and extra low tide. Spring tides happen in the fall, and in the spring. this is when the earth, Moon, and sun are in line with one another. This is when the effect from the sun and the moon combined are at their strongest. There are also other factors that effect the tides. Storms in the open sea will often participate in creating extra high tides. Floods from the snow and ice on the mountains will also cause the tides to grow in the areas where there is a lot of water coming down the mountains.

Now, where does this effect freshwater lakes and rivers ?
Under the surface of the ground, we find ground water. Ground water is everywhere to be found on the planet. Even in the driest desert areas, such as the Sahara desert. The moon and the sun's gravitational pull will naturally have an effect on everything on our planet, not only the oceans. However, in a great body of water, like the ocean, the effect will be very visual. Lakes and rivers are where the ground water reaches the surface, and this is where we go fishing.


Since the rock, dirt, sand and mountain limit the water's movement the effect of the gravitational pull is very small. The forces in work are still the same, and this will naturally effect all living creatures. That is why we fishermen can have use of the tidal tables, and moon phase. Most every fisherman in Scandinavia knows about ABU Garcia's strike table. This table is made by using the moon phase, and tidal tables. In general one can recon on good fishing being the two days before full moon, and two days after. OK fishing will be the two or three days before and after this again. The moon phase display on this page is live, you can use it to predict your own good fishing.
Just remember that there are other things that might be more important than the moon phase in controlling the fish's will to strike. Such things are how you present your bait/Lure/Fly, weather, hatching of insects, temperature, time of day, and much more. The trick to successful fishing is being able to combine all these factors and in this way optimize your fishing skills.