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Welcome to our product page. Here you will find closer information regarding the various products that you can get for your shop. Some are our own products, while others are products we distribute for other companies. 
We've got two main catalogs at the moment.
Our general fishing gear catalog contains fishing lures and other gear for both winter and summer fishing. We work close with the manufacturers allowing us to hand pick the best possible gear on the market.  English_2018_Catalog
Our fly tying catalog contains a good selection of fly tying materials and tools. We have our own brand of tools, and with 40 years of experience tying flies, and 30 years as instructing in fly tying we believe we have a good foundation to select the best possible materials and tools for your fly tying.  Fly tying English 2017 
Catalogs found here are for shops/reseller. We may not have all items in stock our selves. It can not be expected that our customers have all items in stock either, but as a consumer you may tell your local shop what you want them to get for you. You may also contact us for requests, and we will see what we can do. Note that the prices on our webshops may have the same price, or be more expensive than what the shops that we deliver to have. This is because we can not, and will not compete with our own customers. 


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