Arctic Char.Härjedalen is 11 934 square km and has around 10 350 inhabitants. That means that there is over one square km per person. The area is mainly forest and mountain and speckled with lakes, ponds and rivers. The species of fish that you find here are Trout, Grayling, burbot, Whitefish, Roach, Pike, Perch, Arctic Char and minnows. There are even a few ponds where they stock rainbow trout. With there being so few people compared to lakes and rivers, the fishing is quite good in many areas. Fishing is the biggest sport in the valley, and a lot of tourist come here for the fishing.

P8011934The result of this is that most of the lakes and rivers that are close to main roads, and population are poorly administrated. These areas often have huge amounts of small fish due to the big predators being constantly over fished. With there being so huge areas only accessible by walking or driving long distances on gravel and dirt roads, there is a good possibility to experience some very good fishing. We are constantly expanding our knowledge of the area, and keep adding more and better waters to our list of good fishing spots. We have many years of experience in finding the very best fishing spots. Enough so that journalists often ask to come with us so they can get their good fishing stories to write about. Each month of the year has it's own set of fishing, and we know exactly when the time is right so you will get the best experience possible. We've made this simple for you by making a chart of the fishing months of the year. 

Month Best Fishing Month Best Fishing
January In January there is thick ice on all the lakes. This is the very best time of the year to go ice fishing for Arctic Char. Temperatures can vary a lot from a few degrees above freezing to around -40C. Arctic Char like longer periods of steady weather. It is of course possible to find Perch and pike this time of year, but the fishing for these species is slow now. The same goes for rainbow trout, Trout, and whitefish. Burbot fishing can be OK if you find them. July This is a warm month. Forget fishing for Arctic Char. In stead you should try with a fly rod in the rivers, or for Perch and pikes in the lakes and ponds. Trout fishing can also be good now. Or why not try for whitefish using a fly rod ?
February The Arctic Char fishing is still good, but in the ponds where they stocked fish in October, the fish are started to be thinned out. Perch and Pike are just barely starting to pick up a little, and the first leisure ice fishing competitions are held. Burbot fishing is at it's best in February. that is if you can find them. We usually only catch these as bonus fish when fishing for Arctic char.  August August can be the warmest month of the summer. I would guess very much the same as July in regards of fishing. At the end of the month you can actually get a couple of nights with frost, but it is uncommon. Trout fishing usually picks up a bit tor-ward the end of the month. 
March March is a month where the ice fishing competition season is starting to reach it's peak. Perch, Pike and whitefish are biting well. If you get sunny weather you are in for a real treat. The temperatures may vary a lot from +10C to -25C Fishing for Arctic Char is still possible, and we recommend using small ice fishing jigs.  September September is a good month for fishing Pike, but also trout and Grayling. Grayling we usually fish with small spinners or lures, or the fly rod. Grayling are the number one dry fly fish. As the water gets colder the Arctic char will be rising up to shallower water, and be easier to catch. 
April April is the number one season for Ice fishing. The warm sunny days out on the ice are great, and you will get easier tanned than if you where on a beach in the tropics . Be aware that the ice may be starting to get thin some places. Easter week is absolutely the peak of this period as there are ice fishing competitions somewhere in the valley every day. Perch and pike fishing is at it's absolute best this month.  October Most trout and Arctic char waters are closed. the fish are either spawning, or the ponds and lakes are being stocked with new fish. In stead we go fishing for Pike and Perch, or Grayling. 
May May means the first try as summer fishing, while you still can go fishing on the ice in the higher altitudes. Fishing higher up in the mountain usually means trout and Arctic Char, but in the larger river systems you will find Perch and Pike, and of course whitefish. Whitefish are usually counted as bonus fish from December and as long as there is ice. Note that you can't fish Grayling in April or May in most waters of the valley. This is the time they spawn, and we respect their private life. Pike fishing is also great in May.  November The first ponds are getting ice on them, and it is time to take out the ice fishing equipment. The waters with trout and Arctic Char are most places still closed. 
June June means the official start of the summer fishing. The waters are still fairly cold, so you have a good chance of catching Arctic Char. Pike fishing is still good, but the perch are still catching up after spawning from the end of April until the middle of May. Fly fishing is very popular here in the rivers and streams, while trolling or fishing either with lures or bait from land. There is usually not that much mosquito's in early June, so this is a good time to explore ponds that are hidden way out in the forest.  December This is when the ice fishing season really starts. The first competitions are held, and openings are held on the ponds and lakes that have been stocked with trout and Arctic Char in October. Note that even though it seems as if fish are being stocked everywhere, then there are a lot of places with natural populations of Trout and Arctic Char. Most of the locals are just too lazy to bother seeking these places as it is easier to go fishing in a pond or lake where everything is set up for anglers.